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Interior Paint Color

Color can make the single biggest difference in how a room looks and feels. We’ve all had the experience of rooms that just “feel” warm, cool, intimate, or stark based simply on the color of the walls and ceiling. When choosing interior paint colors, there are many factors to consider. CertaPro Painters can help you select..

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Exterior Paint Color

Choosing new colors for your home’s exterior or interior doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ll be happy to help you choose colors you love that will be perfect for your home. Our color experts can meet with you to discuss your ideas on color, or to offer suggestions and recommendations if you aren’t sure about what..

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Services for Hospitality Properties

CertaPro Painters is uniquely qualified to provide top-quality painting services for hotels, motels, inns and residence properties. Whether your needs are to refurbish individual rooms or common areas with a fresh coat, or to complete total color make-overs for an entire property, our scheduling and painting protocols precisely manage every aspect of painting for you…

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Services for Residential Managed Property

Here at Certapro Loudoun we are uniquely suited to provide top-quality painting services for condominiums, apartments and managed properties. Many companies out there lack the knowledge and experience to handle these, sometimes sensitive, projects in a manner that is acceptable to you and your residents. We are a company that provides beautiful painting solutions and..

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Services for Commercial Managed Property

One of the many markets we provide for includes Commercial Managed Properties. Property and building managers throughout North America continue to make CertaPro Painters their first choice – inside and outside — to refurbish, repaint and restore. With the wide variety of projects we undertake, there are many different levels of difficulty and risk. Few worksites..

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Some of our Special Services

Here at Certapro Painters of Loudoun we don’t just provide services for our residential clients; we also provide services for Real Estate Agents, Property Managers and Senior Living as well as Commercial Managed property, Residential Managed property and Hospitality Properties. It is our goal to provide the best customer service in every field of need the..

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Room Themes Series – the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house because it’s where so many different components come together to make a working room for daily use. You have the practicality of food and cleanliness along with organization and simple decorations that enhance the room. Most kitchens are linoleum or an imitation of..

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Room Themes Series – the Living Room

January 24, 2014 | posted in: Blog Series, Color, painting basics | by

Today we are going to be talking about the benefits of creating a theme for your living room and how surprisingly easy it can be. For most, when they think of creating a themed room it can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you know it will look good? What if you like too many..

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