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Room Themes Series – the Den/Office

February 2, 2014 | posted in: paint design | by
denIn the second blog in our series of room themes we are revealing some secrets to organizing the mayhem that is your den or office! Sometimes they are one and the same, but the things that are suggested here can be applied to any situation, combined or otherwise.
Lets start by covering the den. This room is usually an extra room used for lounging and keeping paperwork or books. It also might be used as a movie room or entertainment spot. Sometimes it is known as “the man cave.” What ever the room is used for, there is generally a certain amount of small storage that takes place. In many cases, however, it becomes hard to find a home for everything.
If you have one wall that has no closet or door, this is where to start. This kind of room would benefit from having a wall-to-wall “bookshelf.” Of course, the idea is that because it covers an entire wall, you could fit a lot more on it than just books. You can either get creative and build your own, you can piece together multiple cases or you can have one built. However you decide to do it, you’ll want there to be different sized shelves, in both height and width. In addition, you can make the bottom have some cabinets for enclosed space.
From the outside in, organize where you want things. If you have a tv (or even a window) that fits in the middle of the wall, build your book case around it. The shelves under the tv can hold movies and equipment. If you have a lot of loose papers that don’t have drawers or you want to get rid of the drawers they’re in, we have an alternative for you! Get some boxes from the craft store that match your room and have the little label holder in front. Then pick a smaller shelf to fit the box in. This is a great way to stay organized and still look fitting.
Everyone needs a junk drawer, however. So in between your chairs have an “end table” where you have a lamp and a place to put drinks. Use the drawer in this table to hold your “random” little things. This drawer can get overwhelmed, though, so make sure if you have a lot of one thing just make a cubby for it on your shelf. You can always leave spots blank to fill in later when you need them.
In your office, this shelf idea could work; you could even build a desk into the shelves as one unit. But if you already have a big desk and some filing cabinets it may not be practical, space-wise. If that’s the case, lets visit how to manage the space you do have. First start with what’s on TOP of your desk. Alot of times it’s covered in paperwork. It’s not that the papers don’t have a place, it’s just that they don’t seem to make it quite that far. So a good way to remedy this overflow (besides sitting down with some coffee and taking a couple hours to put everything away) is to get a bin or tray and create a place for “need to file” on your desk. This will limit the places for loose papers to one and you’ll know when you have to take that coffee break by seeing just how high the stack is getting.
Once your papers are out of the way, see what else you have. Paper clips, binder clips, sticky notes etc. are necessary, but lets face it, you’re only going to need so many. It is ok to purge if you have too much of something. The store has simple organizers that fit inside your drawers for little stuff like that. once the cups are full, you should get rid of the excess. I you have a printer with attachments, accessories, ink cartridges and such, make a place for it in a drawer. Even get a little bin that will fit in the drawer to keep it all together. One important thing to remember about the office is that organization within organization can never steer you wrong!
Now that you have visibility of the room, it’s important to take a look at your walls and figure out if white (or whatever color the walls are painted) is soothing enough. Your den/office is a place of calm. It’s can be stressful thinking of all the work you need to do or all the organization that is ahead of you. So you want to make sure the color of your room reflects a peaceful feeling. The bookshelf can also be painted or stained to create a cohesive atmosphere.
Even if all the rest is unattainable, the color that your surround yourself can make a large impact on mood and positivity. Even if you think this will be hard to do, just call us at Certapro and we can take care it for you!  Contact us to help you with your newest project today! We have been helping customers with color choice and painting difficult problem areas in Reston VA, Falls Church VA, McLean VA, Ashburn VA, Leesburg VA and all over the Northern Virginia for many years.
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